Brands Represented


Road Tractors


Hopper Bottom Trailers

Front End Bull Bars

Cornhusker 800 Hopper Trailer


50' x 102" x 84.5",  3 Hopper,  Quad Axle

Star Trailer Sales

Ask for Doug, Tell them Lance sent you.

Hi-Rizer Electric Hopper Extender

19 inch rise, Shurco with EPA tarp 

Tarp Pro Inc

Ask for Kurt, Tell them Lance sent you.

HawksHead Talon

  Tire Pressure Monitoring System for every tire. 

Right Weigh

 Onboard Load Scales, Blu-Toothed to your phone with all axle weights. 

Goodyear Tires We Use

Steer Tires

Marathon LHS II Plus - 315/80R22.5  16,000 lbs front axle.

Drive Tires & Lift Axle Tires

Front Steering Lift Axle - G114 LHT - 239/10R17.5

Drive Axles -  Marathon RSD  - 11R24.5

Rear Lift Axle - G316 LHT - 285/75R24.5 DuraSeal + Fuel Max,   Dueled Up Non Steering.

Trailer Tires

Super Singles - G394 SST - 445/50R22.5 DuraSeal + Fuel Max

Steering lift axles - G316 LHT - 255/70R22.5  DuraSeal + Fuel Max

Call Ken Waddle  208-454-1509 

Tell Him Lance Sent You.

The Goodyear Tire & Service Co

10224 Hwy 20/26

Caldwell Idaho 83605

Goodyear Wingfoot is not a reseller. Best Prices, Great service. Give Ken a call.


 Load, Unload, Backing Up and Dash Cams. 


 Electric Tarp And Trap Motors with Remote Control 


 The original since 1970 

Trux Accessories

Truck lighting and more

Lincoln Chrome

Truck Stacks



John Deere

Field Tractors , Implaments and precision farming tech.

Orthman Mfg

Toolbars and implaments


Montag Mfg

Steering commodity carts

Northwest Tillers


Rears Mfg Co

Pak-Flail Movers And Sprayers


Front Hitch and PTOs


Camara Guided Cultivating Equipment


Food Processing





Other Stuff

2019 Honda CR550

Not all work and no play

Setting up as a Dual Sport, On and Off road version 2 Stroke with electric start.  94hp and 197lbs.  Will ride on truck behind the sleeper  with ramps for quick and easy access. Must bring your own fishing pole.