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Lance R Wells

Iron Hart Services


UT to WY


Frac Sand 24/7 Rounds

This run could be available soon. If you are not on the list, Contact Lance to be put on the list. Contact by text, email or message. Leave your Name, Company name, Phone and email. If Lance does not answer phone, leave a message and he will call you back. We will let everyone know when this is about to happen with details.

WA to MI


CO to WI


ID to WI

Dehydrated Potatoes

MN to OR, ID, WA, CA

Organic Screenings and Specialty Grains

CO to WA


IA to CO

Organic Pellets

SD to ID, UT


CO to Alberta


ID to IA

Beet Shreds, Walking Floor

WI to CO, OR

Roofing Granuals

Alberta to ID

Sulfur Fertilizer

WI to TX


LA to UT

Fish Meal

NM to ID, WA

Feed Ingredient, Org Fertilizer

OK to CO


ID to MO

Dehydrated Potatoe, Walking Floor

MO to WI

Cotton Seed, Walking Floor

NE to NE

Organic Compost, Walking Floor, Belt or Dump

IA to OR

Org Soy Meal