Iron Hart Services llc (Bulk Load Broker)

We dispatch long dedicated circles for over 80K lbs gross loads for our dedicated truckers that run with us. We run between WA, OR, NV  out west and MN, WI, MI out east.

For 6 or more axle, single trailer high cube hopper bottom and walking floor trailers.  We also include a few spread axles.

More paid hauling - Less unpaid loading, unloading, washouts.

Bigger Loads, Longer Runs, More Money, Getting Home.

For The Independent Truckers. 

For our standard 5% fee,

We Keep You Moving and Get You Paid!


Iron Hart Services llc

15205 N Mcfarland Creek Road

Boise, Idaho   83714

DOT 2939840

Lance R Wells  -  Dispatch

208-908-2247   -   24/7


Wesley T Gormley  -    Finance / Billing / Office 


Fax 208-621-0282